How Often Should I Clean my Machine…?
Keep your machine clean with Cino Cleano and ensure great tasting coffees every time! This product is now available at Home Barista Institute for $16 each.
This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our coffee classes. The answer could only be “not often enough”.
Domestic machines that have a fixed brewing unit with no cleaning cycle and, therefore, cannot easily be cleaned. Manufacturers of these types of machines generally recommend activating the pump to flush away the coffee residue after each use but this may not completely clean out coffee oil and particles, which can build up in the machine and lead to machine pump failure. Further more, milk lines and boilers do not benefit from this procedure so cleaning the machine with a specifically designed solution is an added measure to extending the life of the machine.

As you know, to keep the great taste of your coffee, it is important to keep your coffee machine clean. Fact: Every time you make a coffee from your machine, the coffee beans leave oily residue within the machine. As time passes, this oily residue will burn every coffee you make, leaving a bitter taste in your cup. Furthermore, the build up of this residue may lead to the pump failure.

So how do you avoid this? Here’s the answer… HBI product of the Month – “Cino Cleano” Cleaning Series.

Cino Cleano has released a fantastic range of cleaning products that will suit any espresso machine, guaranteed to remove all of the nasties out of it.

Here is how they work.

Product Name

What for



Espresso Machine Cleaning Solution 

Clean your machines thermoblock, boiler and group head to remove the oil build up within your machine.



Espresso Machine Descaler Solution

Make your coffee taste clean and fresh. Remove the build up of calcium and magnizem within the thermoblock or boiler which is formed in our drinking water.

Yellow Bottle

Milk Frother Cleaner and Sanitizer

Remove bacteria from the steam wand, boiler and thermoblock to protect you from getting upset stomachs and irritations. 


If you are unsure which cleaner should be used for your coffee machine, please call us at HBI and we will be able to assist you. Our phone number: 1300-Go-Coffee (1300-46-2633)

You can either purchase one single product or combined barista kit to suit your specific needs. Simply drop in, or contact us by phone.


Evo Cleaner


Barista Cleaning Kit:  $39.50

1 x 500 gm Evo Organic Coffee Machine Cleaner

1 x 58 cm Blind Filter

1 x Group head brush

1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

To order, please ring 1300-Go-Coffee (1300-462633) With your credit card details. We can post anywhere in Australia.

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