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“Barista” is an Italian term for a professional espresso coffee maker. In Italy, it takes 4 years to become a barista.


Baristas don’t make coffee, they “Create It”. Combining skilled craftsmanship, experience, passion and that special extra something, baristas make espresso that makes other coffees blush.

Home Barista Institute will share with you coffee making secrets with these courses:

    Home Barista Course: if you have a coffee machine at home or office, want to know how to make café-quality coffees with your machine, then enrol in this hands-on course. The course is FREE to you if you purchase any coffee machine from us.

Professional Barista Course: for anyone who wants to be a professional Barista or perhaps own or manage a café.

·    Coffee Art: Impress your friends, family and your customers with your coffee art. If you are a coffee geek, you are going to love this hands on course

  Office Party/Team Building/Group class if you are looking for an office, team-building exercise, or just a fun and informative night out with friends, this class will definitely give you a buzz! Organising a school excursion? Why not spend an hour with our Barista and learn what a great coffee is about!

Cafe Start up course (Cafe Entrepreneurs Bootcamp) teaches you how to start a cafe; what to look for when buying a cafe or a coffee shop; how to understand the jargons in the newspaper for "Coffee shop for sale", " Cafe business for sale"; cafe management skills required for your coffee shop.

Are you looking to buy a coffee machine but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place: Get 7 Tips on Buying a Home Coffee machine here.

- The only place you can "Try before you buy" for any coffee machine or grinder

- Buying a Coffee machine for Office, cafe or coffee shop.

Have a Home Coffee machine and need coffee beans and coffee accessories? You can find everything here at Home Barista Institute.

Looking for Coffee Machine review book, Coffee Making DVD and other coffee books and manuals? Click here.

Hear What our Graduates say about our coffee courses:

Just thought I'd tell you how I was going now that I could apply the knowledge to my new machine back at home. I must say, I have been pulling the best shots that I have ever seen come out of my gaggia. Absolutely amazing. I have lots of crema and the taste is awesome compared to what I was producing before. I thought that before I did the course it must have been an issue with the machine, but when I got home I had a play around with my grinder, I bought one of your lovely stainless steel tampers and with a bit of practice around the shots poured beautifully. I'm absolutely stoked with the results, who would have thought a few hours could make such a difference to the coffee I make. Thankyou!                .... James Walker. Adelaide,


 “I attended the Home Barista course and found the course was conducted professionally, very informative and very practical as compared to the similar course that I have attended in TAFE last year. The instructor is very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful in answering any queries. I am now able to differentiate what is good and bad coffee and have the skills to make a cup of good aroma coffee. The free additional 2 hours practice is very helpful.        .... Richard Leong, Jolimont Rd, Vermont, Melbourne”

“Thanks very much for the coffee session a couple of weeks ago.  I thought the hands on approach on the machines was fantastic, and it certainly educated me on what its all about.  Still striving for the perfect coffee - I need a better machine then the $149 Krups one I have as it simply does not have enough grunt to produce the goods.  Needless to say the caps are better than most of the ones around town.

 I think anyone who purchases a coffee machine for home use needs a course like yours.    ...John Edwards, Melbourne

 I've learned so much about the grinding and tamping and how much the operator and the extracting timing can influence a coffee. Thank you so much. It was such an enlightening and interesting session. I will become even more of a coffee snob now!
...Chris Marsh, Melbourne

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