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The ONLY Coffee Making Training Institute Specialising in Helping Domestic Coffee Machine Users Create Café Style Coffees At Home…


Rita Zhang, Home Barista Institute

Rita began her hospitality careers as the owner of a café in the Melbourne inner suburb of Kensington. It was there that the talent and passion for creating wonderful coffees blossomed.


Rita then moved into the heart of Melbourne city, where she established Knock Box, named after the tool of trade. It was an espresso bar specialising in coffee and baguettes. However, in the heart of the CBD, she was faced with fierce competition and the challenge to stand out from an immense crowd of coffee destinations. All too familiar was the story of a $1.50 latte that cured the “need for caffeine” but left an awful taste in the mouth and needed three sugars to become drinkable. Realising she was different because of her knowledge and passion for a great coffee, Rita then began running interactive ‘coffee appreciation’ courses in the city cafe. These courses were aimed at educating people on how to tell the difference between a good and bad coffee, what makes a beautiful brew, how to extract the perfect espresso, texture silky creamy milk, and create impressive coffee art.


The response was overwhelming. People poured in from all over Melbourne to learn. Students included people who were passionate about coffee, those who wanted to learn more about the coffee art, those who were thinking of buying a domestic machine and those who wanted to gain better results at home. Some students even include café owners/operators.


Rita quickly realised she had tapped into a massive gap in the market. People want to buy and learn how to use a domestic machine. But which type? What brand? How do you create café quality coffees at home?


Rita, no longer able to meet the demand for courses at Knock box, was inspired to find her niche in the domestic coffee market.


Home Barista Institute was born from a passion for excellent coffee and endeavours to share this passion and knowledge with the domestic market.



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